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[PREM GURUNG ] - Ref:00042505
Nationality: India
Year of Birth: 1981
Age: 40 Married Male
Chinese Zodiac Sign [Rooster]
Current Location: Hong Kong
Up to 4 Year(s) in Hong Kong / Macau
Language: English

Finish Contract, Height: 173 cm, Education: Primary School.

- Likes Pets and handles Pets well
- Has bargaining and shopping skill
- Good at hand washing and house cleaning
- Has Gardening and Fixer-upper skill
- Has good car washing and cleaning skill
- Has Big House experience

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Open388 maintains a DIY search database of foreign domestic helpers. Applicants include Filipino Maid, Indonesian Maid, Thai Maid, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Indian, Chinese and local residents. Depending on their qualifications and visa status, they are available to work as amah, household servant, butler, housekeeper, gardener, house-boy, elder live-in caregiver, nursing maid, baby-sitters, chefs / cooks, personal assistant, household managers, nurses, doulas. Some of them possess valid Hong Kong driving licence and can perform chauffeur / driving duties.

All bio-data information and personal details are supplied by the applicants themselves on an "as is" basis without verification. We do not certify the validity of the data and information you receive from our service and are not responsible for the accuracy and usefulness of such. We shall not be held responsible for any errors, omissions, misrepresentations or misleading statements. Please directly verify all information with the Philippine domestic helper, Indonesian domestic helper or any applicant before making any decision. Once you have selected the ideal Indonesian nanny or Filipino nanny, our related Employment Agency can provide further assistance regarding domestic helper Insurance and domestic helper body check up for your Indonesian helper or Philippine nanny.

You are using this service and any information contained herein totally at your own risk and you must first verify all the information yourself. By using the service of this web-site, you have agreed to the above terms and conditions and shall hold this firm, its related business entities, employment agencies and persons harmless under all circumstances.

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